Frequently Asked Questions

One of our goals at Caribbean Neurology Services Limited is to communicate well with our patients, so encouraging your questions and providing satisfactory answers is one way we engage you in your treatment. We provide the following information to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions on neurological disorders and the care we provide.

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Our administration team usually confirm appointments 24 hours prior to your appointment. At that time, or just prior to the consultation they may take information such as your current medications, any allergies or past medical history. We usually scan a copy of your referrals letter and any investigations done prior to the visit.

Generally further tests may be needed to help diagnose your condition. Generally further tests are either laboratory (blood samples), imaging (e.g. MRI or CT scan) or Neurophysiological (eg EEG or NCS – see Neurophysiology).

Please ensure to have a list of all medications and allergies? If you tried any medications in the past for your condition, that should be included in the list. Please make a list of any questions that you may have.

Mental health often co-exists with Neurological Illness. While the Neurologist may be able to do an initial diagnosis and institute a treatment plan, we sometimes need to get the Psychiatrist involved.

If you think that your symptoms are severe or aren’t sure, please proceed to your nearest ER for evaluation. Please have your relatives contact my office to let us know which facility you are in and a brief update. Conversely, you can proceed to the ER at Medical Associates and someone from our team will be contacted about your condition.